The Office : Michael Scott’s Finest Moments as a Businessman

In case you’re not aware of the level of admiration I have for ‘The Office’, first of all this and secondly, have a look at this old post of mine !!

Now if you’re still reading this, I bet you are interesting in reading anything related to one of the most original characters of all time, bet you want to “fill the empty hole in your body” (that’s what he said !!) related to ‘The Office’, let’s talk about some of Michael Scott’s moments of genius as a businessman and a manager !!

In this post, I’m focusing on those moments which made Michael more than just an obnoxious and cringy boss, and showed that there’s more in him than the sum of his foolish parts. Moments which showed his great mind for the business. I’m not considering his moments of wholesomeness as a friend, mentor, lover, etc. , because that deserves another post in itself. So let’s get started…

The Sale at the Convention

When going to Philadelphia for an office convention, Michael kept on trying to one-up Josh because he believed Josh stole Jim from Scranton branch. Michael also mainly discussed about the party in his hotel room that night. When told by Jan that everyone except Michael is here to work rather than have fun, Michael surprises everyone with the news that he has broken Staples’s exclusive hold on Hammermill products. This showed that Michael knew when to switch ‘on and off’ when it comes to work and it’s not all about the work at times.. !!

This incident also gave us one of the quotes of the series…

Image result for estimate me michael scott

Stealing Dwight’s Client

Post the inception of Michael Scott Paper Company, Dwight decided to continue his loyalty towards Dunder Mifflin and this led to things getting ugly between Dwight and Michael on the business end. Dwight asks for a truce but instead steals Michael’s Rolodex contact list. Michael then challenges Dwight that he is going to steal his biggest client. When Michael and Dwight start fighting for the business at the client’s office, Dwight uses the contact cards and ask the client about his ‘gay son’. Boom, Business goes to Michael !!

Michael later reveals his unusual coloring system in his contact list where he color codes personal information about his contacts so he knows what not to talk about i.e. gay son !!

Whenever Michael does something uncharacteristically professional or is super smooth with sales. I get so proud of him… :’)

Sale of Michael Scott Paper Company

While the Michael Scott Paper Company had its moments of success, the new company was largely on the fast track towards bankruptcy given its pricing structure.

When Michael is brought in for negotiations with Dunder Mifflin’s CFO, David Wallace, for a buyout of Michael Scott Paper Company, Wallace tries to strong arm him with a low-ball offer. Michael’s response is one of his best moments when he tells Wallace coldly :

“I’ll see your situation and I’ll raise you a situation. Your company is losing clients left and right. You have a stockholder meeting coming up and you are going to have to explain to them why your most profitable branch is bleeding. So they may be looking for a little change in the CFO. So I don’t think I need to wait out Dunder Mifflin. I think I just have to wait out you…”

Michael Scott shows his true business genius and not only spins things his way but show David Wallace how easy he can break him.

The Murder Game

This one’s a personal favorite of mine !! 🙂

In an attempt to get the worried staff under control when rumors reported in The Wall Street Journal point to financial troubles for Dunder Mifflin, Michael pulls out a party game, Belles, Bourbon & Bullets, but Jim says that they cannot afford to play around.

Jim finally loses it and yells at Michael to stop it. Then he yells back at Jim…”No, YOU, SHUT UP! They need this game, Jim! Let us have this stupid little game, alright?”

Of course it comes out that he was doing that to alleviate the stress of the impending doom of Dunder Mifflin. For himself, yes, but also for everyone else.

Awesome Blossom at Chilies

This was the first of many such moments in the show, and was arguably Michael’s finest hour. It started with him boldly rescheduling a meeting with a Lackawanna County official that had been set for the Radisson, moving it over to Chili’s — “the new golf course,” according to Michael’s as-yet-unpublished letter to the editor of Small Businessman Magazine. While Jan would have approached the meeting in a much more conventional manner, Michael’s penchant for bad jokes, novelty neckties, and ‘Awesome Blossoms’ actually seems to win the official over, and before long, the two are acting much more like old friends than business associates.

Near the end of their night, when everyone is filled with fried onions and blended margaritas, Michael muses about the uncertain role of the independent paper company in an increasingly corporate world. While Jan briefly attempts to interject, Michael, for all his lacking self-awareness time and again, discretely hushes her, allowing him to close the sale and become the paper supplier for all of Lackawanna County. It’s not only great news for the Scranton branch, but it serves as the spark that begins the long, torrid love affair between Jan Levinson and Michael Scott, reminding us all that his moments of brilliance rarely come in waves !!

This video brilliantly covers the elements of above Chilies sale as well as other aspects of how Michael does his business.. !! 


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