Nerd’s Eye View : Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka on the whole brings enormous joy and relaxation as a tourist, but the little beach village of Mirissa is, I think, as near to perfect as I’ll ever find.

All that we have in Mirissa is a perfect beach, the main coast road that runs the length of the country lies just behind with a few rudimentary shops and local style eateries and beyond that, the village, nestled into the abundant greenery. That’s all that’s here and it is perfect. Well’s there more than that actually !!

The best of the lot in Mirissa was also the most unexpected activity during my whole trip of Sri Lanka. If you’d asked me, even 3 weeks ago, if I ever thought I’d see a blue whale, the biggest creature that has ever existed on our fragile planet, the answer would have been a “No!”. And I would have been so wrong…

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Parrot Rock
Image result for mirissa sri lanka
View from top of Parrot Rock

Whale Watching

We didn’t go in this boat !!
Image result for whale watching mirissa
Related image

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