Nerd’s Eye View : Winters in Krakow

At the end of autumn and with the onset of winter, long nights becomes the norm, cold and often laden with rain or snow. Streets become deserted, more so in current pandemic times… It might sound really dull and grey for someone spending his winter in Europe, and you already might have started counting days to next summer. But you realize that there’s a different kind of charm in this season.

Specially in a place like Krakow with its old-town charm which is enhanced even more by the Christmas festivities and the snowfall !!

This was my first winter in Europe and even during lockdowns and restrictions, I can say that it was truly a enchanting experience in the winter wonderland of the city of Krakow.

Old-Town during Christmas
First snowfall in Krakow makes you stay up all night and enjoy the white night 🙂
Work from home is anyways the trend, then why can’t snowman do the same !!


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