Movie Review – Captain America : The Winter Soldier

★★★★★ The problem with many of the superhero movies is that they are operating under the assumption that everyone in the audience knows all the hymns. It's a lot easier—and lazier—for a screenwriter to simply do a roll call of characters and events while letting fans fill in all the blanks. Sometimes the onscreen information... Continue Reading →

Movie Review : Avengers – Infinity War

★★★★½ Considering the plethora of expectations this franchise always carries, the movie’s number of actual missteps is only a tiny fraction of the potential missteps inherent in an undertaking this vast and complex.  The movie became a cultural phenomenon. It got people excited and talking, it brought families and friends to theaters... It’s Marvel’s Universe. We... Continue Reading →

Movie Review : Iron Man

★★★★¼ On May 2nd in 2008, Robert Downey Jr. declared "I am Iron Man" for the first time, and with those words not only launched a stunning career comeback, but also the Marvel Cinematic Universe.... It’s almost impossible to remember how unlikely the success of the MCU seemed before the release of Iron Man in 2008. If... Continue Reading →

Movie Review : Black Panther

★★★★ ½ Of course, Black Panther is, and will remain, a superhero film, with all that term entails… chase sequences, fantastical weapons, cackling bad guys. But the influences woven into the fabric of the film are why Black Panther transcends the genre. The arguments Black Panther undertakes with itself are central to its storyline, a... Continue Reading →

Movie Review : Thor Ragnarok

★★★★ ¼ Forget Guardians — Vol I, this was undoubtedly one of the biggest gamble taken by Marvel. Ant Man, Guardians, Iron Man… these are supposed to be the funny ones, not Thor. NEVER THOR. The hero is not an irradiated Earthling or a guy in a metal suit, but a surfer-blonde extraterrestrial who also happened to... Continue Reading →

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