Movie Review – Captain America : The Winter Soldier

★★★★¼ The problem with many of the superhero movies is that they are operating under the assumption that everyone in the audience knows all the hymns. It’s a lot easier—and lazier—for a screenwriter to simply do a roll call of characters and events while letting fans fill in all the blanks. Sometimes the onscreen information is so sparse that the studio should pay you for … Continue reading Movie Review – Captain America : The Winter Soldier

The Office : Michael Scott’s Finest Moments as a Businessman

In case you’re not aware of the level of admiration I have for ‘The Office’, first of all this and secondly, have a look at this old post of mine !! Now if you’re still reading this, I bet you are interesting in reading anything related to one of the most original characters of all time, bet you want to “fill the empty hole in your … Continue reading The Office : Michael Scott’s Finest Moments as a Businessman

Movie Review : Mission: Impossible – Fallout

★★★★½ In an era of sloppy and forgettable action flicks on the one hand and overly serious “gritty” franchises on the other, the Mission: Impossible movies strike a pleasing balance between memorable action sequences and smaller-scale character intrigue. They’re whatever the opposite of “self-important” is. Fallout is not only the best pure action movie of summer 2018, it’s also the perfect culmination of the Mission: Impossible films … Continue reading Movie Review : Mission: Impossible – Fallout

What makes ‘The Office’ so re-watchable ?

Yes, I’ll continue watching, creepily-looking Mr. Michael Scott.. Yes, I’ll !! An irreverent mockumentary sitcom about daily life at a paper company run by a obtuse but well-meaning boss. Sounds like a good show ? You can give it a go once maybe.. But you might not stop at one !! Why is it that people like to watch episodes of “The Office” even after … Continue reading What makes ‘The Office’ so re-watchable ?

Movie Review : It (2017)

★★★★ It ranks among the better Stephen King adaptations… no other small praise indeed. This is like an R-rated Goonies. With an evil clown in it… Plot The highest-grossing horror movie of all time, It is the story of a bunch of teenagers in small-town America coming face to face with an ancient evil… who looks like a clown. Well, it can look like other things too, but … Continue reading Movie Review : It (2017)

The ISIS before ISIS — Archer

If you asked anyone about ISIS in 2009, either there would have been a blank reaction or chances were that they had started following the spy agency called the International Secret Intelligence Service (or ISIS, woah !!) on a show called Archer, long before the current ISIS came into picture… Plot: At an international spy agency, global crises is merely an opportunity for its highly trained employees … Continue reading The ISIS before ISIS — Archer

Movie Review : Mulholland Drive

★★★★ Recently, BBC released a list of top 100 films of 21st century, and surprisingly to many, including myself, Mulholland Drive received the top spot. I had watched it before but kinda felt that this was not the correct decision by the BBC panel. So, decided to give it another go.. Plot : A dark-haired woman (Laura Elena Harring) is left amnesiac after a car crash. She … Continue reading Movie Review : Mulholland Drive