Review : Love, Death and Robots

A sprawling anthology of 18 animated shorts with run-time at an average of just 12 minutes, lashed together by a prominent David Fincher producing credit, this pic’n’mix show is short, satisfyingly wicked and self-consciously NSFW.. !! The binge-worthy title features 18 shorts, each with their own signature animation, storytelling style, and varying levels of maturity. And when I say “maturity”, sometimes that means “thoughtful and … Continue reading Review : Love, Death and Robots

How Game of Thrones caved-in to the Norms of Television

There’s no one explanation for how Game of Thrones became a culture-spanning phenomenon. Slipping into the microscopic gap between the Golden Age of Television and the binge-watch era, HBO’s fantasy epic earned an investment of resources from its network that would have been unthinkable previously for such a budget-conscious medium and managed to bind together a diverse group of fans… There’s the book readers who largely rejected Benioff … Continue reading How Game of Thrones caved-in to the Norms of Television

Pixar’s Masterclass : Inside Out

Continuing in the series of Pixar’s Masterclass, this time we’re looking at a movie that dares to explore existential crises, a movie that’s aimed at the whole family, and as always, all of this via an animated medium !! It’s okay to be sad. The greatest lesson given by Pixar ever … Over the course of 15 years and nearly a dozen films, the animation … Continue reading Pixar’s Masterclass : Inside Out

Lost – The Show That Changed TV Forever

Whenever we see Redditors sweating out elaborate theories about our favorite TV shows now-a-days, it’s because of Lost. Whenever we see deep-dive online recaps, it’s because of Lost. Networks preferring a shorter, more compressed series with a definitive ending in mind.. ? That’s because of Lost. Lost changed TV in a defining manner, for better and for worse… The seeds of the current golden age of television, … Continue reading Lost – The Show That Changed TV Forever

Book Review : Animal Farm by George Orwell

It is still a keen area of debate whether Animal Farm remains relevant for readers of this generation, and I certainly believe it is. After reading the book, I found its themes and messages just as powerful, moving and relevant as they must have been seven decades ago… About the Book My Rating : 5 / 5 Published In : 1945 Plot : Animal Farm is … Continue reading Book Review : Animal Farm by George Orwell

Book Review : ‘I was a Drug Addict’ by Ravindra Singh

About the Book My Rating : 4.5 / 5 Plot : A first-hand memoir of a young boy and his experiences and struggles as a drug addict. He narrates his life story right from boarding school experiences to the hippie phenomenon in the 1980’s to his rehab and subsequent experiences with the withdrawals. Review The story is based in the 1970’s and 80’s when the … Continue reading Book Review : ‘I was a Drug Addict’ by Ravindra Singh

Movie Review : Trainspotting

It’s a really honest portrayal of drugs and is surely one of the finest “drug” movie out there. There’s a joyous feeling coupled with despair that really pervades that film and I think it does the subject justice. Danny Boyle’s classic holds up terrifically well. PlotMark Renton (Ewan McGregor), a young man with few prospects and fewer ambitions, lives in economically depressed Edinburgh. Like most of his … Continue reading Movie Review : Trainspotting

What makes ‘The Office’ so re-watchable ?

Yes, I’ll continue watching, creepily-looking Mr. Michael Scott.. Yes, I’ll !! An irreverent mockumentary sitcom about daily life at a paper company run by a obtuse but well-meaning boss. Sounds like a good show ? You can give it a go once maybe.. But you might not stop at one !! Why is it that people like to watch episodes of “The Office” even after … Continue reading What makes ‘The Office’ so re-watchable ?