Nerd’s Eye View – Gdańsk

Gdańsk, or the broader tri-city area including Sopot and Gdynia, has a charm quite unlike it’s Polish companion cities. As a major Baltic port, streets of distinctively un-Polish architecture can be seen which is influenced by the wealthy merchants who shaped the city’s past and the present. The beaches and the long piers, the pleasure-boat cruises along the river and a wealth of maritime history to soak up in between brews at dockside beer gardens makes it a lovely summer vacation spot.

Enjoy the below nerd’s eye view of this picturesque town and the rest of the series here.

Brzeźno Pier, Gdańsk
Brzeźno Pier, Gdańsk
Jelitkowo Beach, Gdańsk
Neptune’s Fountain, Gdańsk
AmberSky Gdańsk
Gdańsk Old Town
Seaside Square, Sopot
Brzezno Beach, Gdańsk
Gdańsk Old Town
The quirky house of Sopot !!

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