The Galacticos Project

When Luis Figo did the unthinkable and left Barcelona to join Real Madrid’s, he became the first ‘galáctico’, thus kick-starting a footballing revolution like no other. It was, recalls Ronaldo, “a term we never chose to describe ourselves” – but it was inescapable… The Prologue Florentino Perez was planning to stand for the Real presidential election and would have to work magic to wrestle the … Continue reading The Galacticos Project

The Office : Michael Scott’s Finest Moments as a Businessman

In case you’re not aware of the level of admiration I have for ‘The Office’, first of all this and secondly, have a look at this old post of mine !! Now if you’re still reading this, I bet you are interesting in reading anything related to one of the most original characters of all time, bet you want to “fill the empty hole in your … Continue reading The Office : Michael Scott’s Finest Moments as a Businessman

Movie Review : Trainspotting

★★★★¼ It’s a really honest portrayal of drugs and is surely one of the finest “drug” movie out there. There’s a joyous feeling coupled with despair that really pervades that film and I think it does the subject justice. Danny Boyle’s classic holds up terrifically well. Plot Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor), a young man with few prospects and fewer ambitions, lives in economically depressed Edinburgh. Like most … Continue reading Movie Review : Trainspotting

Movie Review : Mission: Impossible – Fallout

★★★★½ In an era of sloppy and forgettable action flicks on the one hand and overly serious “gritty” franchises on the other, the Mission: Impossible movies strike a pleasing balance between memorable action sequences and smaller-scale character intrigue. They’re whatever the opposite of “self-important” is. Fallout is not only the best pure action movie of summer 2018, it’s also the perfect culmination of the Mission: Impossible films … Continue reading Movie Review : Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Nerd’s Eye View : Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka on the whole brings enormous joy and relaxation as a tourist, but the little beach village of Mirissa is, I think, as near to perfect as I’ll ever find. All that we have in Mirissa is a perfect beach, the main coast road that runs the length of the country lies just behind with a few rudimentary shops and local style eateries and … Continue reading Nerd’s Eye View : Mirissa, Sri Lanka