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Nerd’s Eye View : Manchester, England

This is Manchester, we do things differently here‘, the motto aptly describes the city of Manchester. The city is a product of the Industrial Revolution and is known as the first modern, industrial city.

From being the breeding ground for industrial revolution to leading the architectural style with rich variety of Gothic and modernist styled buildings… the spectacular range of architectural styles makes Manchester’s skyline a sight to behold.

Not just a city to visit because of it’s strong connection to football.. !! 

From Gothic Architecture…

11 Places You Have To Visit On A First Time Trip To Manchester... In England, The UK (11)
Manchester Cathedral
Albert Square, Manchester (Town Hall)
John Ryland’s Library
Corn Exchange, Manchester
11 Places You Have To Visit On A First Time Trip To Manchester... In England, The UK (1)
China Town, Manchester

To the modernist eclectic buildings…

National Football Museum
Imperial War Museum
Lowry during day
And an even better site during night…


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