Nerd’s Eye View : Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu can really be a pupil-dilating experience at times. A riot of sights, sounds and smells, whether you’re barrelling through the traffic-jammed alleyways of the old town in a rickshaw, or just wandering in the backpacker district of Thamel. Kathmandu can be an intoxicating, amazing and exhausting place.

If you’re one to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town and into the calm oasis where time stands still, then Thamel’s the place for you…!!

In Kathmandu, almost everything revolves around the thriving backpacker district of Thamel. Thamel has been the centre of the tourist industry in Kathmandu for over four decades, starting from the hippie days when many artists came to Nepal and spent weeks in Thamel. Here, winding alleyways lead to Unesco-listed sites, thriving markets, bustling bazaars, and restaurants with just about every cuisine imaginable. Even though Thamel has been referred to as a “ghetto” by some, many low-budget travellers consider it a hot-spot for tourism.

To start with… Trippy Graffiti / models all around !!


Prayer-Flags across the buildings and roads…



And the mystique night-life…






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